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Sobha One: Your Dream Home in Dubai

Posted by osama on January 4, 2024

Dubai is getting a new gem – Sobha One, which more than 9,500 people will soon call home. This fancy place is going to be built in Ras Al Khor, and it’s not just about living; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. Let’s explore why Sobha One is becoming the talk of the town with its cool design and awesome features.

Sobha One: Where Living is Easy

Sobha One is not just a place; it’s a well-thought-out home with lots of cool stuff. With over 9,500 people planning to live here, it’s going to be one of the most wanted places in Dubai. Why? Because it’s got great layouts and tons of services like a mosque, a clinic, daycare, and cool places to eat and shop.

Where It’s At Ras Al Khor’s Good Vibes

Sobha One is hanging out near Ras Al Khor Road and making it super easy to get around. It’s not just a place; it’s a part of Dubai’s busy scene.

Sobha Realty: The Cool Builders

The folks behind Sobha One are from Sobha Realty, a company that started in Oman in 1976 doing interior design. Now, they’re big shots in real estate, making awesome places like Sobha Hartland and Creek Vistas Heights.

Fun Times at Sobha One

Golf Fun: A Cool Course

It has a super cool Pitch and Putt golf course with 18 holes – perfect for pros or newbies.

Sweet Views: See it AllSobha one

Enjoy amazing views of the Golf Course, Burj Khalifa, and Downtown from it.  It’s not just a home; it’s a front-row seat to Dubai’s awesome sights.

Yummy Places: Eat by the Water

it’s food and drink area by the water is almost half a kilometer long! Fancy restaurants line up, offering cozy dinners, quick coffee hangouts, or power lunches.

Sky Garden: High-Up Views

Chill on the panoramic sky terrace in each tower. Sobha One’s Sky Garden is a calm place to relax and soak in the city views.

 Get Fit: Exercise Fun

Sobha One’s fitness area is not your average gym. It’s a cool mix of indoor and outdoor, with a top-notch lap pool for a refreshing workout.

Affordable Living

Easy Payments for Sobha one: Your Way In

Sobha One gets it – people have different budgets. With a simple 60/40 payment plan starting at AED 1.1M, owning a spot in this Dubai dream is doable.

Four Apple Real Estate: Your Gateway to Sobha One

Best Services in Sobha One

Looking for the best services in Sobha One? Four Apple Real Estate Agency has you covered. Their expertise ensures you get the most out of Sobha One’s luxurious living experience.

Easy Payment Plans

Worried about payments? Four Apple Real Estate Agency offers hassle-free consultations and easy payment plans, making your dream of owning a Sobha One apartment a reality.

Choose Your Space: 1-4 Bedroom Apartments

Whether you’re looking for a cozy one-bedroom to four-bedroom apartment, Four Apple Real Estate Agency helps you find your perfect space at Sobha One.

Free Consultation: Your First Step

Ready to make Sobha One your home? Get a free consultation from Four Apple Real Estate Agency today. Their experts guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

Wrapping it Up

Sobha One is not just a place to live; it’s a mix of luxury, fun, and a great lifestyle. From its perfect location to awesome amenities, Sobha One is Sobha Realty’s way of saying, “Living in Dubai just got even better.”


  1. Why is Sobha One so popular in Ras Al Khor?

– Sobha One’s great location, smart design, and fantastic amenities make it a top pick in Ras Al Khor.

  1. Tell me more about Sobha Realty’s story.

– Sobha Realty started in Oman in 1976, doing interior design. Now, they’re big in real estate, creating cool places like Sobha Hartland and Creek Vistas Heights.

  1. How do I pay for a place in Sobha One?

– Easy! Sobha One has a flexible 60/40 payment plan, starting at AED 1.1M, so you can make it yours without breaking the bank.

  1. Can I enjoy Sobha One if I’m not into golf?

– Absolutely! Sobha One has something for everyone, from cool dining spots to high-up sky gardens – it’s not just for golf lovers.

  1. How does Sobha One care for residents’ well-being?

– Sobha One goes beyond the usual with fitness spots that are not just a gym. They’ve got a unique courtyard, a lap pool, and cool indoor and outdoor features for a refreshing lifestyle.

  1. Why choose Four Apple Real Estate Agency for Sobha One?

Four Apple Real Estate Agency offers top-notch services, easy payment plans, and free consultations, making your Sobha One experience exceptional.

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